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RE: [cdt-dev] New and Noteworth Update

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the start on the MBS description - it looks good.

There are 2 additional user-visible new features:

1.  The ability to define a custom build step for any source file in the
project.  For example, a user could add a yacc source file to her
project, specify the yacc command line and the name of the C output
file, and the generated C file will automatically be compiled with the
other C files in the project.

2.  The ability to rename a configuration.  This functionality is part
of the redesigned Manage Configurations dialog box that is displayed by
the Manage... button in the C/C++ Build property page.

Here is a brief description of the new tool integrator features:

1.  Additions to the tool-chain object model to support more complex
tool-chains, particularly regarding the definitions of the inputs and
outputs to a tool.

2.  The ability to define option categories for the entire tool-chain in
addition to per tool.

3.  The ability to define custom "new project" wizard pages.

4.  Additional callbacks to support dynamic behavior, including:
  -  Specifying whether an option is currently visible, enabled, and
used in command line generation.
  -  Specifying whether the tool set used by a tool-chain is installed
on the system.
  -  Defining environment variables and build macros a tool-chain.  
5.  A mechanism for supporting multiple versions of a tool-chain.

6.  A mechanism for converting configurations from using one tool-chain,
or a version of a tool-chain, to another.

7.  Extraction of the Gnu tool-chain into its own plug-in in order to
allow the Managed Build System to be packaged without Gnu tool-chain
support when appropriate.

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OK, here is the latest,

  Now I'm missing mostly just the debugger screenshots.  Please review
and if you feel that some feature you know, love and poured your heart
into didn't make it in ... by all means, let me know.

  I still feel I'm a little weak on the Managed Builder based on all the
work that has gone on there, cool stuff guys (I personally don't use it,
but I might have to whip together a configuration so that I can!)


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