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[cdt-dev] Few observations on Debugging on CDT Head - Registers Grouping functionality is good.


	I just now got a chance to take the CDT code from "HEAD" & use the debugger functionality. I made the following observation:

	(1)  Registers Grouping feature is too good. Especially for processors which have huge number of registers (for eg., HP-UX
(Itanium /ia64)  has around 530 registers), selecting only the necessary registers is really improving the speed of registers view.
Thanks & great work.

	(2)  It would be great if we could have a similar functionality for the Variables view as "Registers grouping"
functionality. Is this work in progress  ?

	(3)  I disabled the Modules View by going to the Customize perspective & unchecking. But for every step over / step into
operation, "info sharedlibrary" command was still called. Can we avoid this if the view is disabled.

Warm Regards

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