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RE: [cdt-dev] Few observations on Debugging on CDT Head - Registe rs Grouping functionality is good.


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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Few observations on Debugging on CDT 
> Head - Registers Grouping functionality is good.

> > (3)  I disabled the Modules View by going to the Customize 
> perspective 
> > & unchecking. But for every step over / step into operation, "info 
> > sharedlibrary" command was still called. Can we avoid this 
> if the view 
> > is disabled.
> >
> I believe, we call "info sharedlibrary" to find out if there 
> is a new dll has been loaded. This is used to set deferred 
> breakpoints. Alain may correct me if I'm wrong.

Which can be avoided if you either do the loading manually and/or
if breakpoints are generated for those events.  See the shared
libraries panel for the exact option to disable of the debug launch.


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