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[cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 project call June 13

Minutes June 13, 2005 

*	Build: Build is under way however there are issues with some junit
scripts.  Doug is going to turn these scripts off so we can get a build out
for testing (done).
*	Issues: There are roughly 115 issues opened against M7 and RC1.  All
issues not fixed for M7, need to be moved forward to the appropriate
milestone or fixed. 
*	Issues: All committers have been asked to review the mailbox items
that have been moved forward in order to ensure we have not over looked
anything critical.
*	Licensing: The Licensing information needs to be updated for the
source files, the license.html for the CDT feature and the file for all plug-ins.  DougS is going to raise a PR for
this in order to track closure prior to release (done 99744).  We should aim
to have this work complete by RC1 (June 27).  David Inglis is going to look
at a RelEng-plugin from the platform team that may facilitate in this
effort, Dave will post his findings to the newsgroup. 
*	Next Project Close Out call June 23 13:00EST

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