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Re: AW: [cdt-dev] Setting Binary Parsers

Thanks Norbert,

Sorry I missed one important detail.  We are not using the MBS.  Our own internal "Managed Build System" (Collins Managed Make) is based on the CDT standard make.  When a standard make project is created, the binary parser list is populated will all available parsers.  I need to change the active state of the parsers (check and uncheck them) during our new project creation wizard.  For example, if a user runs our GCC PPC project wizard (project compiled with PPC toolchain), we want to ensure the XCOFF binary parser is enabled.

I figured out how to do it with the error parsers, but the binary parsers seem to behave differently.  The IMakeBuilderInfo doesn't seem to have any methods to do anything like you can for IManagedBuildInfo binary parsers.


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AW: [cdt-dev] Setting Binary Parsers

Hello Chad,
I am a little surprised to hear that you are creating your special settings programatically. I work on an application where we need to set specific binary parsers (and a bunch of other settings) when creating a new project and I did it by creating a new project type as described in the "CDT extensibility guide" ( Did you consider that approach?
Programatically, here is how to go. You need to get at the IProject that represents the project you are working in.
  IProject project = ... ;
The org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.ManagedBuildManager has a static method to get the IManagedBuildInfo for the project.

 IManagedBuildInfo info =  ManagedBuildManager.getBuildInfo(project);

From the info you go to toolchain --> target platform and set the list of binary parser ids.

 info.getDefaultConfiguration().getToolChain().getTargetPlatform().setBinaryParserList(new String[]{ ... });

Hope this helps & works.

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[cdt-dev] Setting Binary Parsers

We have a plug-in that extends the NewCProject wizard.  Our wizards create projects for specific toolchains and pre-populate the projects with compilable source code for the toolchain.  We want to set the active binary parsers during this phase.  Is there a good example of changing the active binary parsers for a given project, programmatically?


Chad Barnes

Rockwell Collins, Inc.
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