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AW: [cdt-dev] Setting Binary Parsers

Hello Chad,
I am a little surprised to hear that you are creating your special settings programatically. I work on an application where we need to set specific binary parsers (and a bunch of other settings) when creating a new project and I did it by creating a new project type as described in the "CDT extensibility guide" ( Did you consider that approach?
Programatically, here is how to go. You need to get at the IProject that represents the project you are working in.
  IProject project = ... ;
The org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.ManagedBuildManager has a static method to get the IManagedBuildInfo for the project.

  IManagedBuildInfo info =  ManagedBuildManager.getBuildInfo(project);
From the info you go to toolchain --> target platform and set the list of binary parser ids.

  info.getDefaultConfiguration().getToolChain().getTargetPlatform().setBinaryParserList(new String[]{ ... });
Hope this helps & works.

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Betreff: [cdt-dev] Setting Binary Parsers

We have a plug-in that extends the NewCProject wizard.  Our wizards create projects for specific toolchains and pre-populate the projects with compilable source code for the toolchain.  We want to set the active binary parsers during this phase.  Is there a good example of changing the active binary parsers for a given project, programmatically?


Chad Barnes
Rockwell Collins, Inc.

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