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[cdt-dev] forever loop with stack overflow

I'm sorry just remembering what I encountered yesterday from the last 250405
build. There seems to be something calling itself again. The stacktrace in
the <workspace>\.metadata\.log had been repeating each ca. 10 lines. I was
about to test a simple cpp-project (Managed Make). I tried to ran the new
DOM-Indexer over it. I tried to let the Indexer rebuild its info, by
Project->Clean... selecting the one project. It will rebuild the project and
a popup comes up about an background task. Eclipse is about to flicker
eventually out of sight and come back. Then the stacktrace is there.

Someone else encountered such weird behaviour?

Sorry, right now I have no log here, nor the project, but it wasn't that
much a project. Just used 4..5 Classes/Interfaces, some within different
subdirs. Also tried the namespace thing, which was the reason for
rebuilding, since Indexer did not find the namespace, even though, files had
been included

PRJ <-- settings added src to -I
   |  +-IA.h (only Interface base::I_A )
   |  +-IB.h (only Interface base::I_B )
   |  +-ID.h (only Interface namespace dev { class I_D: public base::I_A,
public base::I_B {}; } ) includes "base/IA.h" und "base/IB.h", but Indexer
can not find symbol base
   +-global.h (defining some datatypes)

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