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[cdt-dev] Closure process for CDT M7

I would like to start some discussion around some guidelines to define the exit criteria for M7.  (i.e.  all these conditions must be met before we declare M7).    I want to make sure that we agree now, so that there are no "bumps in the road" as we approach GA.
    Note that the current plan on the web has M7 scheduled for May 30.

As a starting list, I propose:

       1.  Clean up the defects in bugzilla on 3.0:

               a.  No open enhancement requests

               b.  No defects assigned to an inbox owner

               c.  All other defects triaged so that the only open defects are ones that we intend to fix before GA.  (this way anybody who has a defect moved off of 3.0 can speak up while there is still time to affect the contents of 3.0)

       2.  All the Features in the plan are complete (there may be defects open but the functionality is complete and useable.)

       3. There has been a sanity run on the M7 build (using Eclipse M7) -- we need to define what the extent of this testing is..

       4.  We have a preliminary "What's new" list for 3.0.  This list should cover the entire development of 3.0 so that the community can help with the testing/validation.

Please let me know if you think that the items are good, bad, or just ugly.   Also if you have additional items, I would like to add them to my list.

       - Dave

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