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Re: [cdt-dev] Environment variables not passed to make

> Hi Brad,
> You are correct that the design I referenced is for MBS only.  But, =
> someone
> (QNX folks, I believe...) have added environment variable support for=20
> Standard Make projects in CDT 3.0 already.  Using CDT M6, select a =
> standard
> make project, bring up the properties, select C/C++ Make Project and =
> then
> the Environment tab. =20
> There may be a design document for this support - look in the 3.0 plan.

The environment can be set/change:
 - In the Preference for all new std make projects
   Window --> Preferences --> C/C++ --> Make --> New Make Project
 - In the standard make wizard
 - In the proprety page

> ***  Start of Advertisement ***
> It's good that Managed Build and Standard Make have added environment
> support, but what I *really* want is the CDT-wide concept of a =
> tool-chain
> definition.  This would make it easier for a tool-integrator to define=20
> information that could be used by both MBS and standard make (and other
> parts of CDT, like the parser for the language variant used by the =
> tool-chain).  This would also make it easier for the user if all of CDT, =
> used
> the tool-chain information consistently. =20
> ***  End of Advertisement ***

8-), noted.
I think you have a PR on this.  A good subject for conf call when
you have some free cpu cycle.

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