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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-test-dev] CDT 3.0 M6 Milestone Sanity -> Failed

Well, got something else, some inpersistent preferences. Since some builds
now, there are preference pages for "Hovers"->"Enable editor problem
annotation" and "Folding". When changing something in there, the settings
are not persistent, at least the property page does not know of the settings
the second time opened.

In the preferences page too, when setting up syntax highlighting, colors and
font-attributes are not visible when changed. It will update if you select
something else and change it, at good will. Like change the font-attribute
of keywords to darkblue - no change in preview. Select something else, like
comments, change from normal to bold and back, maybe your change of keywords
settings is shown.

I do like the Environment Variables Properties. Hopefully, I can get rid of
my different Eclipse-startup-batchfiles. Will check this later.

For Code Assist, I could not find yet a suitable configuration, neither for
Managed Nor Standard Build. Everytime it tells me "No Completion found".

Besides this, nice work on CDT3.

> > 
> > Results:
> > 1) -All old projects got converted ok and the managed build project
> worked =
> > fine
> > 
> James found a hang, in one of the old project ... but unreproducible.
> If you see this again can you dump a trace.
> > 4) Content Assist: I got a reproducible JVM crash:
> > 
> > 90998: critical: JVM crash when backspacing in Content Assist ( when=20
> > dropdown is displayed)
> > 
> > 
> > Conclusion:
> > 
> > We should fix 90998 because it gates M6 in my opinion.
> > 
> There is an serious NPE(from Devin) in the list.
> Bug 91000: NPE with CEditorHoverConfigurationBlock#updateStatus()
> I'll look into it.
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