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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-test-dev] CDT 3.0 M6 Milestone Sanity -> Failed

> Results:
> 1) -All old projects got converted ok and the managed build project worked =
> fine

James found a hang, in one of the old project ... but unreproducible.
If you see this again can you dump a trace.

> 4) Content Assist: I got a reproducible JVM crash:
> 90998: critical: JVM crash when backspacing in Content Assist ( when=20
> dropdown is displayed)
> Conclusion:
> We should fix 90998 because it gates M6 in my opinion.

There is an serious NPE(from Devin) in the list.
Bug 91000: NPE with CEditorHoverConfigurationBlock#updateStatus()

I'll look into it.

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