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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-test-dev] CDT 3.0 M6 Milestone Sanity -> Failed

> Well, got something else, some inpersistent preferences. Since some builds
> now, there are preference pages for "Hovers"->"Enable editor problem
> annotation" and "Folding". When changing something in there, the settings
> are not persistent, at least the property page does not know of the settings
> the second time opened.

I see it.  Can you make a PR for this ... please.
Probably not a show stopper for M6.

> In the preferences page too, when setting up syntax highlighting, colors and
> font-attributes are not visible when changed. It will update if you select
> something else and change it, at good will. Like change the font-attribute
> of keywords to darkblue - no change in preview. Select something else, like
> comments, change from normal to bold and back, maybe your change of keywords
> settings is shown.

Right.. Another PR please.

> I do like the Environment Variables Properties. Hopefully, I can get rid of
> my different Eclipse-startup-batchfiles. Will check this later.

Cool !!

> For Code Assist, I could not find yet a suitable configuration, neither for
> Managed Nor Standard Build. Everytime it tells me "No Completion found".

Agreed, something seems to broken, James discovered the same problem

> Besides this, nice work on CDT3.

Merci bucket for the feedbacks, always appreciated.

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