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[cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 M6 Milestone Sanity -> Failed


I did a basic adhoc sanity of the CDT 3.0 M6 build (200504110306) with Eclipse 3.1M6 and IBM JRE 1.4.2 on Windows 2003 server.

I have tested the following:

1) imported old 2.0.x projects and created a managed build project
2) tested the indexer:
-Original C/C++ indexer
-DOM AST C/C++ Indexer
-CTags Indexer
3) Search
4) Content Assist

1) -All old projects got converted ok and the managed build project worked fine
-all projects were building ok

2) Indexer:
-Original C/C++ indexer works fine
-DOM AST C/C++ Indexer works fine
-CTags Indexer:  did NOT work fine  because I did not have the Exuberant CTags 5.4.   I only had the Emacs CTags one which does not work with the CTags Indexer.   CDT only gave me a warning on the Tasks view.  It should maybe display an error message???

3) Search work fine.  The results I got were the same for the Original C/C++ Indexer and the DOM AST C/C++ Indexer.    Search was a bit faster with the latter indexer.

4) Content Assist: I got a reproducible JVM crash:

90998: critical: JVM crash when backspacing in Content Assist ( when dropdown is displayed)


We should fix 90998 because it gates M6 in my opinion.

Mathieu Lapensée
Software Verification Developer
IBM - SWG - Rational Division

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