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Re: [cdt-dev] Like to help with C++ Refactoring

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Then I'll try to break rename for a week or two and then try to start on
an AST.

I've seen some of Alejandra Garrido's PhD work, so I'm not going to try
to replicate that. Do you think it's reasonable to temporarily punt on
preprocessor directives? I don't mean preprocess first, since that can
lose information. Instead, it might be possible to put UnparsedCode
nodes in the AST and disallow any refactoring as unsafe if it needs to
look inside. This would allow us to write something, and then extend it
gradually to work for all cases.

Pankaj and Karthikeyan, teaming up sounds like a good idea. How do you
want to communicate? My AIM screenname is "PopeYasskin" (long story), or
maybe there's an eclipse IRC channel?


Douglas Schaefer wrote:
| Well,
| The work we put in for refactoring was very preliminary. It was enough to
| do rename refactoring using the existing search functionality. We hadn't
| planned on working on it any further in the 2.0 release. Probably what we
| need most is testing what we have to make sure it works. If you find any
| bugs, we'd happily accept patches that fix them.
| For next release we need to look at how to build a full object model of
| the code (AST/DOM) that takes into account the C preprocessor. Once we
| have that in place we can do the full refactoring engine that you see in
| the JDT with things like precondition and preview. If you have any
| thoughts on that, it would certainly help us as well.
| Cheers,
| Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
| IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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