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[cdt-dev] Changes to the ToolReference class hierarchy

Hi All,
I am posting to let interested parties know that there has been some more work done on ToolReferences in the managed build, specifically on tweaking the implementation hierarchy. There is now an abstract base class for tool references. The tool references we used to have are now simply one possible implementation. There is also a basic interface that all tool reference subclasses must implement. The net effect on existing models is null. However, allowing more sophisticated implementations of the tool references should give partners more flexibility going forward.  One possible use might be a specialized reference to an embedded tool that reads its settings in from a custom location in one case, and defaults to the settings in the manifest in another.

I would like to thank Jeremiah Lott from Timesys for doing the heavy lifting on this work. It was his proposal, and I believe he is planning on rolling out more work to the open source based on this change to the build model.

Please feel free to ask any further question. I am in the process of doing some final testing before committing the changes to the class hierarchy.

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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