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[cdt-dev] Suggested enhancement for Boolean options

I'd like to suggest another enhancement to the managed build, option support.  This suggestion is for Boolean options.  Currently, the command attribute is only used whe the value of the option is True.  This handles the common case where the option needs to be passed to the tool when the check box is selected.  But, there are 2 other cases not currently handled.

The first is the case where the option needs to be passed to the tool when the check box is unselected.  This case can be transformed into the currently supported case by changing the wording of the option, but sometimes this is undesirable from a human factors perspective.  For example, the Intel compiler has a number of /warn:xxx options (for uninitialized variables, unreferenced variables, uncalled routines, etc.).  I would like all of the check boxes to read "Warn for xxxx", but some of these warnings are defaulted to "on" by the compiler and some are defaulted to "off".  This leaves me with some "Warn for xxx" check boxes and some "Do not warn for xxx" check boxes.  I don't like it...

The second case is where there is a True version of the option and a separate False version of the option.  For example, there are many GCC -foption options that also support -fno-option.  Supporting this is particularly important  when the default value of the option may be system dependent as is the case with -funsigned-char/-fsigned-char and -fdollars-in-identifiers/-fno-dollars-in-identifiers.  Currently, a GCC compiler that supported '$' in indentifiers by default would have a "Do not allow '$' in identifiers" check box, while a GCC compiler that did not allow '$' by default would have a "Allow '$' in identifiers" check box.  I don't like that either...

The suggestion is to enhance Boolean option support to allow a command to be generated when the option is True and/or when the option is False, and to do this in an upward compatible way so that existing Boolean options continue to work as they currently do.  I have 2 ideas on how to enhance the support:

1. Add a commandFalse attribute to the Option Schema to be used, if specified, when the value of a Boolean option is False.  This is straightforward, but adds an attribute that is exclusively for the Boolean Option Type.

2. Add a Boolean Command object that is a child of a Boolean Option and has a command attribute to be used when the value of a Boolean option is False.

If we can agree on this, I am willing to work on the patch.

Leo Treggiari
Intel Corp.

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