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RE: [cdt-dev] Suggested enhancement for Boolean options

Sounds good to me as we were talking about this yesterday and today here
at TI as well.  Great minds think alike?  :-)

I guess we'll see what Sean says.

Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
IDE Frameworks Group
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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> Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 4:38 PM
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Suggested enhancement for Boolean options
> I'd like to suggest another enhancement to the managed build, option
> support.  This suggestion is for Boolean options.  Currently, the
> attribute is only used whe the value of the option is True.  This
> the common case where the option needs to be passed to the tool when
> check box is selected.  But, there are 2 other cases not currently
> handled.
> The first is the case where the option needs to be passed to the tool
> the check box is unselected.  This case can be transformed into the
> currently supported case by changing the wording of the option, but
> sometimes this is undesirable from a human factors perspective.  For
> example, the Intel compiler has a number of /warn:xxx options (for
> uninitialized variables, unreferenced variables, uncalled routines,
> I would like all of the check boxes to read "Warn for xxxx", but some
> these warnings are defaulted to "on" by the compiler and some are
> defaulted to "off".  This leaves me with some "Warn for xxx" check
> and some "Do not warn for xxx" check boxes.  I don't like it...
> The second case is where there is a True version of the option and a
> separate False version of the option.  For example, there are many GCC
> foption options that also support -fno-option.  Supporting this is
> particularly important  when the default value of the option may be
> dependent as is the case with -funsigned-char/-fsigned-char and
> in-identifiers/-fno-dollars-in-identifiers.  Currently, a GCC compiler
> that supported '$' in indentifiers by default would have a "Do not
> '$' in identifiers" check box, while a GCC compiler that did not allow
> by default would have a "Allow '$' in identifiers" check box.  I don't
> like that either...
> The suggestion is to enhance Boolean option support to allow a command
> be generated when the option is True and/or when the option is False,
> to do this in an upward compatible way so that existing Boolean
> continue to work as they currently do.  I have 2 ideas on how to
> the support:
> 1. Add a commandFalse attribute to the Option Schema to be used, if
> specified, when the value of a Boolean option is False.  This is
> straightforward, but adds an attribute that is exclusively for the
> Option Type.
> 2. Add a Boolean Command object that is a child of a Boolean Option
> has a command attribute to be used when the value of a Boolean option
> False.
> If we can agree on this, I am willing to work on the patch.
> Leo Treggiari
> Intel Corp.
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