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Re: [cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT

Hi Jeremiah,

I apologize for responding so late to your emails. After thinking more
about our differences, I believe that our point of views are
complementary. You mentioned you were starting a prototype for Toolchain
factory. I guess this would be a good start already. I don't any time
currently available, and probably won't have any for the next couple of
weeks, but as soon as I will have some I could maybe start from where
you are to try to complete your implementation with the ideas that I
mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, I can't commit to anything still. I
don't want to hold you more anyway. 
Would that be ok with you?


On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 10:48, Lott, Jeremiah wrote:
> Haven't had any responses about toolchain support in a while.  It seemed
> we were getting to the heart of the issue, but now discussion has
> stopped.
> This is a high priority for us.  Do people feel we are getting close
> enough on this to settle it soon, so I can contribute something in this
> area?  We would really like to use CDT managed make in our next release,
> but unless this can be resolved we will not be able to.
>   Jeremiah Lott
>   TimeSys Corporation
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