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[cdt-dev] Building CDT outside Eclipse

Title: Building CDT outside Eclipse

Hi all,

I've been trying to build CDT from the command line using the ANT scripts but without much success.

I've been following the instructions from

This says to use the build.xml files from the buildscripts (cdt-home/buildscripts/buildScripts/plugins/*/build.xml)  folder but they don't seem upto date  - are these what you use to build CDT ?

For example, when I try to run them I get errors like:
file:Q:/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core/build.xml:46: srcdir "Q:\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.cdt.core\build" does not exist!

When in CVS there are no longer source files under the folder org.eclipse.cdt.core\build - presumably these were moved out when managed make and standard make features were created ?

Where can I find the same scripts you use to build the release candidates / or info on how you use them ?


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