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Re: [cdt-dev] Managed Make and how you use it

> > > If anyone else has a better solution, I'd like to hear it... if
> > > not, then I'd be happy to do a bit more research and put together
> > > a more formal suggestion.
> >=20
> > PR 52864
> Heh :-)  Thanks, Alain.  I really need to spend some
> time familiarizing myself with the current set o'
> bugs.
> Is anyone currently working on this or planning to work
> on this?

I was going to actually.  The ideas for the first iteration
are simple:

 - remove any *Extensions() methods
 - provide 3 entries methods.
     boolean isSourceUnit(String name);
     boolean isHeaderUnit(String name);
     boolean isAsmUnit(String name);

   the methods will look at their internal list(filenames and extension)
   for a match.

   The core comes with a predefined list of filenames, the STL reserved include names.
   i.e. iostream, cstdlib etc ...

  - Something similar to the Workbench File "File Associations" preference page
  - same preference page UI control for the Property(is it needed ?).

Is that satisfactory for your needs ?  If you want something more
I can hand you the bug.  Do you have a bugzilla account ?

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