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[cdt-dev] Problem in attaching our costomized debugger

I have tried to build project in C/C++ Development perspective (CDT). I am facing problem in debugger configuration when i am using my own tools for compiling, assembling and linking.
let me explain the full steps one by one.
I have done the following steps.
1. I have created one 'C' project using 'Standard Make C Project'
2. I have included my own '.c' and 'makefile' in the project.
3. I have given my own complier,assembler and linker (which is GNU tools targetd to some YY architecture) in my make file. I have not used GNU tools targeted to x86.
4. I have built the project and it was building succesfully and generated executable.
5. I have opened the debug window (Create, manage and run configuration) through Run>Debug... menu
6. After select my project as current, i couldn't attach my own debugger which is GNU debugger targetted to YY Architecture. I am getting '[debugger]:No debugger available' message
At the same time, if i use GNU targeted to x86 tools, the option is available to select debugger in debugger tab in debug window (Create, manage and run configuration).
Could any one clear my problem. Can't we attach any specific debugger other than GDB default, irrespective of tools that we are using for compiling, assembling and linking?
I wish to attach the debugger created for YY Architecture to my above implemented project.
Thanks &

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