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RE: [cdt-dev] Toolchains in CDT

In our product you can set multiple toolchains even for a single
project.  For example, a single project can be compiled for two
different architectures.  This is how we deal with different versions of
gcc, etc.  Usually that would appear as a two separate toolchains.
Overriding a single tool on a per-project (or probably per-configuration
for managed make) could be useful, I'd have to think about an interface
for making that generic.

I don't think we can use the term SDK in the CDT core.  Different
vendors seem to use this term for different things.  At least in the gnu
world "toolchain" seems to be pretty well defined.  I think it extends
to other types as well.  Basically a set of command line tools and the
headers, libraries, metadata, etc. that is required to use them.  If
toolchain is not generic enough we can try and agree on a vendor neutral
term to describe this.

As far as libraries and include headers go I think we should support
this in two ways:

1.  When using the managed build the toolchain should automatically
include its default headers and libraries.  Usually your can just invoke
"gcc" and it will find that kind of stuff automatically, so I'm not sure
any additional work needs to be done.

2.  A toolchain should have the capability to export a list of include
paths and library paths.  Managed make should at least be able to use
this to automatically supply them to the parser for content assist, etc.
Probably we could make use of this in standard make as well, but maybe
not right away.

  Jeremiah Lott
  TimeSys Corporation

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I am not sure  could it be interesting for this discussion. Just FYI .
In Momentics we are using two-tiers toolchain specification. First level

let us to select a particular toolchain (in our terms SDK because 
toolchain is not only a set of tools but also libraries and include 
headers) per workspace (we are going to change it to select toolchain 
per project). Toolchain being selected, specify default for this 
toolchain set of tools . On the second level (per project/per build 
step, now for compilation step only) we provide an ability to redefine 
particular tool , i.e. to use a tool other than default one. This can be

useful if in SDK there are different versions of one and the same tool, 
for example different versions of gnu compiler.
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