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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

Hi Alain -

We're planning on a few features which are likely to have integration 
issues with the Makefile enhancements you mention below:     Sean's Essential 
Managed Build Enhancements for 2.0     Vlad's Scanner 
Configuration Usability Enhancements

The Makefile work below looks like it deserved at least a plan item (I 
couldn't find one), so it would show up on our radar screen when thinking 
about feature interactions.  Also, I don't know if the list below 
represents a complete set of intended enhancements.  If you create a plan 
item (and if that remains the requirements specification), please let it 
be complete.

We all want to avoid the sudden end-stage surprise where your features and 
our features don't mesh well, resulting in someone's work getting 
disabled.  This is possible through sheer luck, or through making 
requirements, intended designs and planned tests available publicly/upon 
request.  Luckily you posted the email below, which I see as a warning 

From our side, our specifications are already posted, and our intended 
designs and planned tests can probably also be posted, or at least (in my 
opinion) sent upon request.


- Brent

Software Quality Developer - Eclipse CDT - (613) 591 7982
IBM Rational Software, 770 Palladium Drive, Kanata Ontario.

"Alain Magloire" <alain@xxxxxxx> 
Sent by: cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
02/04/2004 04:57 PM
Please respond to


Re: [cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

> > Interesting, you should make a PR for this, so we can follow through.

>  Do you (QNX) have any plans for changing/enhancing
>       standard make target model for CDT 2.0?

No, QNX has its own builder.

Yes, the folks working on the CDT, including the QNX commiters, wants
to enhance/change the standard make target for better integration CDT-2.0.
For example:
  - template makefiles at creation of the project.
  - parsing of makefiles
  - Makefile editor
     - Makefile outliner
     - hovering in the editor
     - syntax hilight
     - code completion
  - "managing" of a makefile(Not managed build).
etc ..

Some of those features are already in the head.

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