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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

> Hi Alain -


> We're planning on a few features which are likely to have integration 
> issues with the Makefile enhancements you mention below:
>     Sean's Essential 
> Managed Build Enhancements for 2.0
>     Vlad's Scanner 
> Configuration Usability Enhancements

Probably a better approach would have been to send this to cdt-xxx-dev list
so folks would know, this would have permit some exchange/discussion.
Not everybody follows the in/outs of cdt bugzilla.

Capturing them in a PR __is great__, that allows follow up, but we have no idea what
they mean, they are vague and sometimes incomplete, see

> The Makefile work below looks like it deserved at least a plan item (I 
> couldn't find one), so it would show up on our radar screen when thinking 
> about feature interactions.  Also, I don't know if the list below 
> represents a complete set of intended enhancements.  If you create a plan 
> item (and if that remains the requirements specification), please let it 
> be complete.
> We all want to avoid the sudden end-stage surprise where your features and 
> our features don't mesh well, resulting in someone's work getting 
> disabled.  This is possible through sheer luck, or through making 
> requirements, intended designs and planned tests available publicly/upon 
> request.  Luckily you posted the email below, which I see as a warning 
> light.

Fair enough.

> >From our side, our specifications are already posted, and our intended 
> designs and planned tests can probably also be posted, or at least (in my 
> opinion) sent upon request.

What exactly do you call specifications, those 5 lines paragraph
under [plan ...] subject in bugzilla ?
Are those specifications?

We have some docs in cdt-doc from John, Hoda, Sean, etc ...
The last, was from Chris Wiebe, the class browser.
We are planning to continue do the same, for the other features, and posting them
in the appropriate cdt-xx-dev list as things gets clearer.

Hopefully, that will clear any fear you have about massive commit from the commmiters here.

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