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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

> > Interesting, you should make a PR for this, so we can follow through.
> --->    47465 and it was already assigned to you!

Cool, thanks.

> > Probably the right way is to get buildSpecs(ICommand[])
> > and call the build in the right order.
> --->    Unfortunately it is a little more complicated. It requires some 
> changes
>       to MakeTargetDialog and MakeTargetBuilder extension point if we want  to
>       make it right.

Change in the extension point?  It's not clear to me why.  The problem, you pointed
was that calling this action only call one builder, the standard make builder.
Your point is that all the builders on the project should have a chance to run.

>  Do you (QNX) have any plans for changing/enhancing
>       standard make target model for CDT 2.0?

No, QNX has its own builder.

Yes, the folks working on the CDT, including the QNX commiters, wants
to enhance/change the standard make target for better integration CDT-2.0.
For example:
  - template makefiles at creation of the project.
  - parsing of makefiles
  - Makefile editor
     - Makefile outliner
     - hovering in the editor
     - syntax hilight
     - code completion
  - "managing" of a makefile(Not managed build).
etc ..

Some of those features are already in the head.

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