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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding another builder to MakeTarget

> > > Probably the right way is to get buildSpecs(ICommand[])
> > > and call the build in the right order.
> > 
> > --->    Unfortunately it is a little more complicated. It requires 
> > changes
> >       to MakeTargetDialog and MakeTargetBuilder extension point if
> we want  to
> >       make it right.
> Change in the extension point?  It's not clear to me why.  The 
> problem, you pointed
> was that calling this action only call one builder, the standard make 
> Your point is that all the builders on the project should have a 
> chance to run.

    Looking at the code, MakeTarget configures MakeBuilderInfo
    with the parameters from the MakeTargetDialog and invokes
    make builder.

    It would be nice if we could contribute a builder to an
    already defined MakeTarget or all of them, configure it in a tab
    of the MakeTargetDialog and then get the builder invoked after
    or before the make builder.

    So the problem is not so much of invoking all registered
    builders, but of configuring them with the appropriate
    BuilderInfo from the dialog. That's why I was suggesting
    that the extension point that defines which builders get
    invoked should account for their configuration as well.

    If we go this way, it will cause significant refactoring
    of the MakeTarget and vicinity. I was wondering if there
    is a better way.




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