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Re: [cdt-dev] More setting up questions..

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the reply.  I realise that many of the issues I've faced so far
have not been direct CDT issues.  I thought it would be useful to go through
some of the issues faced by a new user attempting to use CDT in eclipse. I've
already been using eclipse for about a year, so it has been surprising to
find it so difficult to setup my C projects to work with eclipse. While many of these issues are not directly related to CDT they do effect the overall user
experience.  If I had not already been a very happy user of eclipse its
likely I would have given up already with CDT.

> where makestart was a script which would setup the environment and
> change to the directory passed. Can anyone suggest a better method of
> doing this?

Changing the environment when spawning the build command is on the TODO list.
Thanks for the reminder.  You should make a PR for this in bugzilla/CDT
so we can trace this.

ok. Done.  41766.

Are you using the "managed build" ?  It is probably a valid PR
to be able to set the generated Makefiles in Unix or DOS format.

No, the standard make C project.

Note that by default CVS/Team plugin checkout the file binary.
The CDT core plugin adds by default *.cc *.c etc .. to be ascii
you could change this in the preference page of CVS.

I think the issue of unix or dos format in files really extends past
just the make files.  The idea of setting file types to binary is a
good one which I will try.

While this issue is related to CVS and not CDT, I would hope some of
the developers on the CDT team might be able to influence these issues
in the eclipse team better than I might.  As I wrote in another message
the current work around offered by the CVS FAQ does not work.

> Once these issues are resolved I should be able to have a go at the
> gdb-stub, which has really been the whole point of this excersize, so
> any help on the questions scattered through there would be greatly
> appreciated.

Well so far, your problems are Eclipse/User related not CDT.
So I'm waiting for feedbacks/PR related to this list, CDT plugins.

Yep, agreed.  Just to bring it back on topic.  Here's a couple of issues
directly related to CDT I've found so far:

1.  When setting the build command for the first time I lose control of
   CDT until the initial build is complete.  This can be quite a while
   if the project is reasonbly large.

2.  The C-Build window displays the error details of a build.  I've found
   so far that the error information from make that makes it to the C-Build
   window to not be very useful.  I usually need to go back to the compile
   window to see what went wrong.  It might be easier to find what went
wrong if the error information in the compile window was displayed red, or a couple of lines before the error was also captured to the C-Build window.

3.  The "GDB Server" options has the GDBServer gdb executable.  The other
   option panels have the ability to browse to find the executable while
   that panel does not.  Is this correct?

In relation to setting up the debuggers. I'm currently assuming 'user error'
but I can not work out how to set this up, and is frustrating me no end.
When I bring up a new debug configuration I am able to go to the 'Debugger'
panel and select from the drop down list from 'Cygwin GDB Debugger', 'GDB Debugger' and 'GDB Server'. However there is an error on the panel 'No debugger
available'.  What does this mean and how do I fix it?

Possibly Related to the above user error. When a project is first created the
build command is checked with 'Use Default'.  Where is this default set?  I
keep looking but can't find it.


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