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Re: [cdt-dev] More setting up questions..

> My experiences so far..  some questions and suggestions..
> I have been using cygwin, make and an external CVS(wincvs) to manage a 
> project for an embedded system.  I thought I'd give eclipse a go as we 
> now have a gdb stub available and I thought eclipse IDE and debugging 
> would work nicely.
> I started by trying to create a project over the same directory I was 
> already using.  Eclipse picked up this nicely, however it did not pick 
> up the fact that the project was shared using CVS.  I don't know a way 
> of setting this up in eclipse (is there a way?), so backed up the 

Yes, context menu:
Team -> share project.

This should be address to the eclipse platform/Team.
Maybe to make this easier to find.

> project files and used the "check out as" function to recheck out the 
> project from within eclipse.
> Disaster struck when I messed up a directory location and my full 
> development environment and projects were quickly wiped by eclipse after 
> asking if the current files should be removed.  Suggestion, maybe this 
> should tell you to remove the files?  I didn't lose much but it was only 
> a small slip.  I misinterpreted the location to check out to as being 
> the base path, not the actual path of the project to check out.  Ouch!

An eclipse UI decision, not much the CDT team can do about it.

> With a fresh project directory setup, I checked out my projects again 
> from within eclipse.  I'm using CDT which I updated tonight.  I 
> noticed that everytime I did a checkout into my clean directory it 
> continued to ask if I wanted to remove the directory.  I checked and it 
> seems to create the directory,  then want to remove it again before 
> recreating the directory and checking out files.  This time I was 
> however more careful with my choice of locations.
> I then worked on setting up to compile.  Now, although I'm on windows 
> the project make files are all unix based as I work in a team and unix 
> is the more common environment.  After some playing around I settled on 
> a build command something like this:
> c:\cygwin\bin\bash --login -i makestart /usr/proj/myLib
> where makestart was a script which would setup the environment and 
> change to the directory passed. Can anyone suggest a better method of 
> doing this?

Changing the environment when spawning the build command is on the TODO list.
Thanks for the reminder.  You should make a PR for this in bugzilla/CDT
so we can trace this.

> I was then able to build many of the projects, however, we're using an 
> older GCC tool chain which doesn't like DOS format files.  So now I'm 
> getting parse errors.   I have looked through the CVS settings in 
> eclipse and can't see a way of forcing Unix format when checking out 
> files.  Is there a way of setting this?

Are you using the "managed build" ?  It is probably a valid PR
to be able to set the generated Makefiles in Unix or DOS format.

> Currently, the only way I can think of solving this is to use wincvs to 
> checkout files to the same location.  I'm not sure how eclipse's team 
> features will respond to this?

Note that by default CVS/Team plugin checkout the file binary.
The CDT core plugin adds by default *.cc *.c etc .. to be ascii
you could change this in the preference page of CVS.

> Once these issues are resolved I should be able to have a go at the 
> gdb-stub, which has really been the whole point of this excersize, so 
> any help on the questions scattered through there would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Well so far, your problems are Eclipse/User related not CDT.
So I'm waiting for feedbacks/PR related to this list, CDT plugins.

> Thanks,


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