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RE: [cdt-dev] More setting up questions..

Hi David,

I have seen the debugger selection disappearing when I tried eclipse on
an embedded target.

If my memory is right the plugin.xml for org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core
limits which targets the debuggers can debug. Initially eclipse does not
know what the target is so brings up everything. When it spots a binary
which it does not recognise (labelled "[nonele]" or "[nonebe]") it masks
out the debuggers. Bit of bummer. I think we hacked the plugin.xml and
the Elf parser within CDT to get it to recognise our target.

It has been a while since I played with CDT. What we did seemed really
hacky - especially modifying the elf stuff. If someone has a cookbook
receipe for adding a new target into CDT then it would be useful. 


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Hi Alan,

In relation to setting up the debuggers.  I'm currently assuming 'user
but I can not work out how to set this up, and is frustrating me no end.
When I bring up a new debug configuration I am able to go to the
panel and select from the drop down list from 'Cygwin GDB Debugger',
Debugger' and 'GDB Server'.  However there is an error on the panel 'No 
available'.  What does this mean and how do I fix it?

Possibly Related to the above user error.  When a project is first
build command is checked with 'Use Default'.  Where is this default set?
keep looking but can't find it.


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