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[cdt-dev] More setting up questions..

My experiences so far..  some questions and suggestions..

I have been using cygwin, make and an external CVS(wincvs) to manage a project for an embedded system. I thought I'd give eclipse a go as we now have a gdb stub available and I thought eclipse IDE and debugging would work nicely.

I started by trying to create a project over the same directory I was already using. Eclipse picked up this nicely, however it did not pick up the fact that the project was shared using CVS. I don't know a way of setting this up in eclipse (is there a way?), so backed up the project files and used the "check out as" function to recheck out the project from within eclipse.

Disaster struck when I messed up a directory location and my full development environment and projects were quickly wiped by eclipse after asking if the current files should be removed. Suggestion, maybe this should tell you to remove the files? I didn't lose much but it was only a small slip. I misinterpreted the location to check out to as being the base path, not the actual path of the project to check out. Ouch!

With a fresh project directory setup, I checked out my projects again from within eclipse. I'm using CDT which I updated tonight. I noticed that everytime I did a checkout into my clean directory it continued to ask if I wanted to remove the directory. I checked and it seems to create the directory, then want to remove it again before recreating the directory and checking out files. This time I was however more careful with my choice of locations.

I then worked on setting up to compile. Now, although I'm on windows the project make files are all unix based as I work in a team and unix is the more common environment. After some playing around I settled on a build command something like this:

c:\cygwin\bin\bash --login -i makestart /usr/proj/myLib

where makestart was a script which would setup the environment and change to the directory passed. Can anyone suggest a better method of doing this?

I was then able to build many of the projects, however, we're using an older GCC tool chain which doesn't like DOS format files. So now I'm getting parse errors. I have looked through the CVS settings in eclipse and can't see a way of forcing Unix format when checking out files. Is there a way of setting this?

Currently, the only way I can think of solving this is to use wincvs to checkout files to the same location. I'm not sure how eclipse's team features will respond to this?

Once these issues are resolved I should be able to have a go at the gdb-stub, which has really been the whole point of this excersize, so any help on the questions scattered through there would be greatly appreciated.


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