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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Model/Target Model Requirement

At 12:31 PM 7/7/2003 -0500, Phil Muldoon wrote:

> I did have one other thing to add here (this is coming from the addr2line
> discussion). One of the things that has turned out in our usability testing > is that folks want to be able to right click a C file and compile it, right
> then, right there, no makefile.
That would be a neat featurette. I often do this just to sanity check
things sometimes. To expand on that, would it be just invoking gcc with
standard options for just a syntax check? Would you have a "quick
compile" configuration ui? I also presume it would it be smart enough to
say invoke arm-Linux-gnu-gcc over the native compiler through the target

Our testers wanted it for 2 reasons. One was for checking one was as a part of wanting to be able to hand control rebuild, both require the current switch environment with all the -D and -I flags for example.

I think it's indicative of a need to support both GUI driven and batch driven building. You can bet that once they can right click compile, they are going to want to right click link and of course they want to be able to run nightly builds that don't start up CDT at all, but then our make driven build system is ideal for that.


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