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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Model/Target Model Requirement

> I did have one other thing to add here (this is coming from the addr2line 
> discussion). One of the things that has turned out in our usability testing 
> is that folks want to be able to right click a C file and compile it, right 
> then, right there, no makefile.
That would be a neat featurette. I often do this just to sanity check
things sometimes. To expand on that, would it be just invoking gcc with
standard options for just a syntax check? Would you have a "quick
compile" configuration ui? I also presume it would it be smart enough to
say invoke arm-Linux-gnu-gcc over the native compiler through the target

> Does it go without saying? We also need to be able to support building the 
> same project for different architecture targets. So one Target Model per 
> workspace or project is "bad." :)

Agree again. It would wonderful to have a one to many target model; in
many projects it would be a necessity. I'd like to read up on the logic
for an against. I remember some time back a conversation (last year I
think) that Sebastian raised on the target markets; IE predominately
native platform developers over cross-platform etc. Both have differing
needs and maybe the target model is where these needs would really need

> Phil Muldoon <pmuldoon@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Red Hat, Inc.

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