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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Model/Target Model Requirement

Hmm. Interesting points!

> One of the things that has turned out in our usability testing
> is that folks want to be able to right click a C file and compile it, right
> then, right there, no makefile.

I understand that request; it's kind of the classical way to build stuff in the IDE provided by that "other guy". But, in the absence of the make-free builder we have discussed post-1.2, isn't that what make does anyway if the user has changed the file and has build-on-change enabled?

> I personally think that this is a totally reasonable request that has
> impacts on the Build Model, Target Model in addition to the UI and concept
> of "current default build."

This is "reasonable", but it sounds like they want to make Eclipse more like you-know-what. The impact on the managed build model may not be that great. There is certainly UI work that needs to happen around showing what project/config/blah is currently the default. But, unless I have misunderstood, I thought the "Eclipse way" was to keep the project up-to-date at all times by enabling build on change. If people are not using that feature because it is too slow in CDT or too frustrating, then maybe we should Concentrate on fixing that.

> Does it go without saying? We also need to be able to support building the
> same project for different architecture targets. So one Target Model per
> workspace or project is "bad." :)

Yikes. This is a minefield of terminology. Nothing is defined at the level of the workspace; it's all on a per-project basis. We will support more than one build 'Target' (our term) per managed build project in the workspace. The standard system doesn't even have the concept of 'targets'. If you mean associating more than one build 'system', I don't think it would be as easy to support that under our current scheme of associating a project with a build system at creation time.

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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