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Re: [cdt-dev] our newsgroup

> Captain Alain once wrote:
> > Point well taken.
> > 
> > In defence, the developers, at least here, have other tasks
> > (with the usual, stress and deadlines) then the open source CDT work.
> I guess my point is that if many of us check the group regularily, there 
> will be fewer
> unanswered questions and thus it won't be such a chore.  There are many 
> usage questions
> that verification staff perhaps could answer in 5 seconds, while I would 
> have to take 
> 5 minutes to figure out what they are talking about. 


> >> B) We need to maintain a FAQ and post it to the newsgroup once a month. 
> > 
> > I thought Kleo raised his hand to do this?
> I think that we all should have a hand in adding things to the FAQ, given 
> our experience
> in the newsgroup.  It should be checked into CVS like a ChangeLog kind of 
> thing. 

Actually I think it is, things where setup by judy .. unfortunately noone seems
to have write access except the grand pooba (sebastien) ... on vacation.

> > Sure ... I'll take a shot.
> > 
> > <low punch>
> > 
> > At one point, QnX developers were handling all in the CDT (newsgroups, 
> mails, code, patches,
> > feedbacks etc ..).  We are quite(read __very__ 8-) happy that you guys 
> are stepping in to
> > take some heat 8-).
> > It's funny to observe when the tables are turn.
> > 
> > </low punch>
> My comments were directed at everyone, not just the original authors. :-)

Your comments were fair and appropriate.
The answer was kinda of tongue-in-cheek, but the humor did not come across quite
right via email. ... Maybe I should try in french next time 8-)


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