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Re: [cdt-dev] Integration of existing C / Motif GUI with new Java GUI


Thanks for the reply. Currently, if we have an existing C GUI, will Eclipse / CDT help in any way?


Alain Magloire wrote:

We have a CAD application coded in C using X/Motif calls running on
Unix/Linux. The same code runs on Windows using Exceed to convert the
X/Motif calls to native Windows calls. We want to use Eclipse for all out
future development.

1. Is it possible to use Eclipse to build the application to run on both
Unix and Windows without using Exceed and without re-writing the X/Motif
calls in Java?

2. We will be developing new GUI modules using Java in Eclipse. How can we
integrate this new Java GUI modules with existing GUI modules written in C?

Unless I misunderstood, you are asking for some sort of glue 3rd party
portable gui library.  The CDT is a working framework, at this moment it does not provide
this kind of service.

But we are looking, in the future, at mechanism to let 3rd parties provide libraries
that can be integrated easily to the framework and participate in the build, by contribution
or other means.

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