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Re: [cdt-dev] Our Newsgroup

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> OK John,
> I agree in principle that we should support users on the newsgroup as a 
> gesture of goodwill and in the spirit of Eclipse. I stopped fairly early 
> on because there is a distressing amount of overlap in the questions we 
> get. There is a limited value in telling the nth person that Eclipse does 
> not have a compiler, that they need a makefile, and that their environment 
> is not set-up properly so that's why they can't build. Further, we post 
> development plans covering the features we intend to roll out, so 
> answering another of the "will this compiler/library/build system/make 
> variant" work with Eclipse gets old fast.

You forgot my prefered PR in bugzilla:

CDT new PR
subject : "make: *** missing separator" 

Usually it means, the user forgot to put <tab> in the Makefile.
So hurry get that "managed make build" working to cut down on the PRs 8-)

The users do not seem to know/care that it is there Makefile format that is broken
not the IDE/CDT.
The question, is it the right place to educate the users about Makefiles and compilers ?

> I would, however, be willing to dive back in to the newsgroup if we 
> produced a FAQ that covered off this kind of background noise and allowed 
> us to concentrate on questions of real value.


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