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Re: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project

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> > From: Douglas Schaefer [mailto:dschaefe@xxxxxxxxxx]
> > Sent: June 30, 2003 2:55 PM
> > To: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project
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> > Actually, following on that theme, I wouldn't mind seeing the 
> > Make Targets view integrated into the CView.  That way, only 
> > projects that use make targets need to have them.
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> Two thoughts on this ... the first is that the make targets should
> be part of the "make build configuration".  The make build 
> configuration, just like the "managed make build configuration"
> or the "xyz build configuration", (all of whom implement the mysterious
> C/C++ builder API =;-) should be distinct implementations of the 
> builder extention point (though for convenience sake, they may not
> be pure plugins).  

Yes one of the reason, I'm hesitant to change the "Make Target View"
Since we can have many builders, for example the "standard make"
the "managed make", the "qnx builder", the "timesys builder" etc ...
I would prefer to have a build model API that we can all agree on
then this view is not a "Make" view but rather a "builder view" that
can be use by any builder.

Sean (the "managed make" guru) is on vacation so it was hard to
find time to clarify all this.

> Once this seperation is done, then the integration with the C/C++ Project
> View vs a pure external view becomes somewhat arbitrary (read optional).
> Of course before we start going and integrating anything with the 
> C/C++ Project view, it really needs to be cleaned up =;-)

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