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Re: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project

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> Go to outline/projects view.  Find a class.  Dry and drag it onto another 
> node in the tree or into a document. 
> That use case does not work for me ... I can drag an include file to a 
> directory but thats about it for D&D. 

Funny, we did not do this, because the parser was not giving up enough
good information to implement this.

It is in the same line as Copy/Paste,  If you do Copy on a function
and Paste in the editor is should only be the function body.

Did look at this long time, ago and back away because of the parser
Should revisit all of those things.

To do this, the default actions in the must be reimplemented
in term of Eclipse-2.1.  What we have now is Eclipse-1.0.


JDT overload this actions, since Copy/Move/Rename a java file is a
refactorin action.  Probably not necessary for CDT, maybe renaming
a header "foo.h" to "bar.h" could trigger a search and refactoring
of any file having

#include "foo.h"

but we are not here yet 8-).

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