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RE: [cdt-dev] Interesting "starter" work project


I'm still willing and able to dig in, I can start over the long holiday weekend; however, I don't want to spend time duplicating effort or doing work that may not survive very long. 


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>   I started to get back to cleaning up the CView a bit today, and I think
> that for anyone
> who is lurking out there and wanting to get involved, a great project would
> be to clean
> up the CView so that it implements the IResourceNavigator interface, likely
> by inheriting
> from the ResourceNavigator class.  It is probably a good couple of evenings
> work if
> anyone is interested.

Except at the moment it isn't that easy. ;(  Part of the Eclipse 3.0 work
is to make the ResourceNavigator class extendable and usefull.   At the 2.1.x
level, things are still doing all of thier work by hand (ie: Package Explorer).
I tried doing a ResourceNavigator extension and it was far too restrictive.

So, it might not be worth doing a total re-work prior to the 3.0 
ResourceNavigator improvements.

Just an FYI...


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