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Re: [cdt-dev] objdump/addr2line problems

> Hi,
> I am hoping that the buildmodel and corresponding toolchain interfaces fix 
> this for 1.1 or 1.2. We had this issue for Xtensa Xplorer. To fix it we put 
> in a "cdt tool provider" extension point that provided these tools.
> This is the interface that we ended up adding as a stop gap until it gets 
> really fixed:

The framework is in place right now to do this, albeit not well documented


and not well-known.  Its the IBinaryParser extension point.

We provide two default implementations, they are base on the ELF and COFF

We could probrably provide a third one that will suit your needs.

public class BinutilsBinaryParser implements IBinaryParser {
       // ISymbol
	public String getFilename() {
		// spawn addr2line parse it and get the file.

This could be implemented in term of addr2line, objdump, nm, ar etc ...

For example, Tensilica could provide its own implementation.

public class TensilicaBinaryParser implements IBinaryParser {

The user at project creation(in the wizard), can choose 
now only "Elf" and "Coff" shows but we could put:

"GNU Binutils"
"Tensilica Tools"

The binary parser can be change in property page.

The binary parser API was a first draft, meaning always open
to change/rewrite/feedback/patches etc ..

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