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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

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> >It will be enable if you have a debugging session.
> >
> I've been trying to use this option while I debug a program. I have a 
> simple program that has integer variables as well as strings. The 
> program gives a segmentation fault because I'm trying to access a null 
> string somewhere. I know I can add expressions like i>5 that evaluate to 
> 1 (true) or 0 (false) as the program runs. What I was wondering is 
> whether should be able to add expressions like "myString==NULL"; 
> basically expressions involving strings. If I do try to  do that , an 
> Error dialog pops up saying: "Evaluation of expression failed. Reason: 
> mi_cmd_var_create: unable to create variable object".
> However, that variable does exist and I'm actually using that exact 
> expression in an if statement in the program.

  "myString == SOME_MACRO"

Same problem, gdb does not know about SOME_MACRO, and CDT/Debuger
does not either, unless it parses the entire project and includes to
find the definition.

- I vaguely remember there is work to make make gdb understand macros,
 maybe by putting more information in the debug format.
- To have a super duper amasing C/C++ parser that can parse the entire project
 to find macros and build an AST etc ...

That reminds me, the Source Navigator used to have a fairly good parser
can it be reuse?

> >Bug, please PR.
> >Was broken in moving from Eclipse-1.0 to 2.0
> >
> Done. Bug# 26368


> What I am trying to do is import a particular project from another 
> workspace into mine. This project that I'm importing is already part of 
> a cvs repository. But when I import it, it no longer detects that it is 
> part of the repository. I've figured out what to do though. After 
> importing it, you have to go to its context menu -> Team -> Share 
> Project for it to detect the CVS directories in it and enable all the 
> sharing options. Isn't there some way for this to be done automatically 
> instead of manually doing it? Does it make sense what I'm trying to do?

The team plugin(CVS plugin) does not seem to export this information.
It is probably a good idea, but this is part of the*
plugins.  I do not know the direction they are taking for future work.

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