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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-core-dev] CDT 1.0 release plan

> As a final note, people have suggested that we do another interim release
> in a couple of months to address bugs that will be reported, as well as 
> add in the missing features to the debugger (memory browsing and assembly).
> I like the idea, and suggest we discuss the schedule after the 1.0 release
> is out.
> Any comments? If everyone is in agreement, we will post this release plan on
> the web site and newsgroup.

A couple:
- I would not call it 1.0, but rather 0.8 or 0.9, 0.xx.  Using a major version
  implies we have to follow some backward compatibility etc .. And for
  such a young project with so little exposure ... an impossible task.

- Certainly would like to make release as often(or more often) say
  2 other releases before 2003.

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