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[cdt-dev] commit list

Let's set up a cvs commit mailing list.

The idea is a mailing list to which notification of all cvs commits is
sent.  There are several ways to set up such a list; one common way is
to list all the changed files along with the log message.

Many projects have such a list.  For instance, gcc has one (actually
it has several); you can see the archive here:

As you can see, messages to the gcc list also include cvsweb URLs
pointing to the actual changes.

A list like this is a helpful adjunct to a patch list (even when the
patch list is being used, which right now it is not).  A patch list is
nice to see what is about to happen, or might happen, plus discussion
of such things.  A cvs list is nice for showing exactly what did

A cvs commit list would be useful to me right now.  I'm experiencing
some odd problems with the CDT, problems which didn't occur in a build
from last week.  If I had an easier way to see what had changed, I'd
have more luck tracking down the problem change.

If someone can set up the mailing list, I will be happy to supply the
cvs scripts and know-how to make it all work.


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