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[cdt-dev] CDT 1.0 release plan

Hi all,

we've made some great progress on the CDT over the last few months, and 
are now close (feature-wise) to our original target for a 1.0 release. 
This includes all the features of the C core plugins, with the exception
of a prototype builder model, as well as all features of the debugger
plugins, with the exception of a few "if time permits" items like
memory browsing and assembly view.

Because the success of the CDT depends to a large part on adoption
from other vendors as well as users/enthusiasts, we feel it is important
to create a blessed 1.0 CDT that is tested and stable. Therefore, I'd
like to propose the following schedule for reaching our 1.0 milestone:

- Freeze builds on Tuesdays starting on the 8th, with a strategy similar
to Eclipse where the freeze builds are tested, bugs are logged and triaged,
and identified bugs are fixed for the next freeze build. We will target 
3 freeze builds with the "GA" planned for the 29th of october, e.g.:

F1: oct 8
F2: oct 15
F3: oct 22
GA: oct 29

- If we reach "GA" before then, we will just put out the 1.0 GA and start
on CDT 1.1/2.0.

- All bugs should be entered and tracked in Bugzilla, with the categories
of the CDT. As it stands, there are a little over 40 bugs that were entered
in the database since the switch to the new codebase.

- As for testing, we have developed a test plan that we run internally
the CDT. We will be posting this in the next few days. Redhat is helping in
effort by running the test plan against the Linux builds -- we will need to
discuss over the next couple of days how to split the testing for the 
remaining 2 host platforms (QNX will test the Neutrino-hosted version of

As a final note, people have suggested that we do another interim release
in a couple of months to address bugs that will be reported, as well as 
add in the missing features to the debugger (memory browsing and assembly).
I like the idea, and suggest we discuss the schedule after the 1.0 release
is out.

Any comments? If everyone is in agreement, we will post this release plan on
the web site and newsgroup.



Sebastien Marineau
QNX Software Systems
(613) 271-9336

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