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[cdt-dev] CDT ANT build scripts are now in CVS

Hi Folks,

We have been successful in creating build scripts for the CDT.
They are located in CVS /cdt-home/buildscripts

See the file "instructions.txt" for instructions on how to use these

The auto generated plugins build.xml files have to be modified to use the
${os} and ${ws} symbols in order to build platform independently.
The feature build.xml files have been modified to label the build with the
date, os, and ws.
The feature build.xml has also been modified to *look* for the plugin.xml
files in the correct location.

We could use a little help checking that the builds for all platforms are
created correctly.

You will notice ... sometime this afternoon ... that the downloads page will
be updated with our F1 builds. These builds are platform specific and were
created using these build scripts.

Please let me know if/when you discover any problems.



Judy N. Green               Software Engineer
QNX Software Systems Ltd.

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