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[cdt-cloud-dev] Migration of Website and Spelling of CDT Cloud

Hi everyone,

Please note that we have moved the sources of the website to the project's Github organization. It is now available at `eclipse-cdt-cloud/website` [1].

We've set up a Github action that will automatically publish any commits that are pushed to the `main` branch. This action will build the webpage and push a commit to `eclipse-cdt-cloud/website-publish`, which will eventually be published to -- also available via In addition, a preview is provided by Netlify for any PR that is opened.

The publishing of is still work in progress [3]. Currently the website is published with our Netlify hosting and is only available at But we hope to get that resolved soon.

Also, we would like to change the spelling of to CDT Cloud.
We have received feedback that if we spell and call the project `` (CDT dot cloud), people would assume that it can be reached via the domain However, this isn't the case. Even worse, if people would just enter the name into the browser's address bar to start a search for CDT Cloud, the browser would interpret that as a URL and wouldn't lead the user to a search result where CDT Cloud would appear.

Thus, we suggest changing the spelling to `CDT Cloud` instead. Please let me know if you have any concerns. We'll update the web page and readme of the umbrella repo accordingly, unless someone raises doubts.

Thank you and best wishes,



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