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  • Re: [cbi-dev] Building natives/launchers with CBI, (continued)
  • [cbi-dev] A note on Eclipse hardware, Denis Roy
  • [cbi-dev] Be aware of changes in Mac executable signing service, David M Williams
  • Re: [cbi-dev] [platform-dev] Splitting SonarQube analysis?, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] Next GAV search issues, Denis Roy
  • [cbi-dev] Is there any tycho-plugin that creates version reports?, Julio Cesar Chavez Ortiz/Mexico/IBM
  • [cbi-dev] GitHub pull-requests and Hudson, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] Gerrit build failure Missing sources for plugins [org.eclipse.swt.cocoa.macosx_0.0.0], Lars Vogel
  • [cbi-dev] Locationtech GeoMesa hudson jobs not able to transfer artifacts due to ReasonPhrase: Unauthorized, Hunter Provyn
  • [cbi-dev] Belated heads up, if you use Platform's parent POM, and you have build jobs that tests while you build, David M Williams
  • [cbi-dev] CBI Project Lead, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Fwd: [location-iwg] scala groupid / namespace discussion, Denis Roy
  • [cbi-dev] Building the aggregator - Could not resolve target platform specification artifact org.eclipse:eclipse-sdk-prereqs:target:4.4.0-SNAPSHOT, Lars Vogel
  • [cbi-dev] CBI maven plugins 1.1.0 released, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Building platform maintenance branches in offline mode, Phil Mason
  • [cbi-dev] Migration build config to Git setup, Christian Krause
  • [cbi-dev] Is there support for all previous releases of Eclipse?, Glauber Ventura
  • [cbi-dev] Can i use mvn clean compile instead of mvn clean verify?, Glauber Ventura
  • [cbi-dev] We will soon be removing old, non-released versions of JDT Compiler in "eclipse-staging", David M Williams
  • [cbi-dev] Version resolution failure, Terry Parker
  • [cbi-dev] jdt.core binaries deployed to, Sievers, Jan
  • [cbi-dev] Build is failing with unsatisfied dependency, John Hawksley
  • [cbi-dev] org.eclipse.license.feature 1.0.1 breaks build, Stieber, Uwe
  • [cbi-dev] Update CBI wiki to compile Luna, Lars Vogel
  • [cbi-dev] Eclipse platform build broken, Lars Vogel

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