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[cbi-dev] Some questions on CJE

Dear all,

first of all good news: We finally managed to get our main Xtext builds running on CJE. We were now able to merge the Jenkinsfile configurations and are now observing the first time how multiple branch builds behave on this infrastructure. This raises some questions.

- We saw now multiple times that builds were killed due to lack of heap memory. How many heap does a job have, or can this somehow configured for the pod instances?

- We had long build wait queues and sometimes only 2 pods were started, sometimes a bit more. Sometimes jobs were started, but waited long for an available executor. How can the waiting time optimised? Is there something we could do to mitigate that issue?

- We tried to execute some build steps in parallel using parallel stages in Jenkinsfile. These jobs were killed due to OOM. We changed that now back to sequential stages. Is parallel building discouraged?


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