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Re: [cbi-dev] Something killing my build on clustered CI

Hi Mickael


The “memory” one should be set to set however much memory your build process needs + some overhead. I arrived at the numbers for CDT by trial and error, basically just keep decreasing a bit at a time until it starts failing. We found out that by default projects will have a total limit of 4GB total for custom containers, so setting this to > 2GB will restrict you to 1 build at a time.


For “cpu” you can probably just set this to “1”, we only needed to go higher for CDT as some of our UI tests crashing with less.


Generally just the “requests” & “limits” values to be the same.




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Thank you very much William! You saved me many hours if I had to figure out that by myself.

I've copied what I interpret as "black magic random numbers" (I don't know much practical details about Kubernetes) in my Jenkinsfile and it works as expected.




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