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[cbi-dev] Two Questions re: Jenkins build for STEM project

My colleagues and i are working to set up a Jenkins build server for the STEM project at We are new to this so thank you in advance for your help and patience.


1) It seems the server that was set up for us is missing the Eclipse workspace.
Is there documentation on how we create this or would the webmaster have to do it (or should we reopen our
Bug ID: 537115  ?

2) Also, how do we find or set the Eclipse Home variable on the server.

our build server is here

Requesting Jenkins Build server for Eclipse STEM project

The STEM Command line build process that we need to run on Jenkins uses an Ant build script
There is doc on the STEM command line build process here.<--- these are the steps we need to get running on Jenkins.

Best Regards,
James Kaufman

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